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Return information

Return policy

1. If a product of unsatisfactory quality has been sold to the buyer and the seller has not discussed the defects with the buyer, the buyer has the right, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, to demand from the seller:

1.1. to replace a product of the wrong quality with a product of the right quality;

1.2. reduce the price of the goods accordingly;

2. The product quality guarantee is determined by the seller of the product.

3. Goods are exchanged or returned via Omniva. The buyer submits a written request to the seller stating the defects in the goods. A copy of the order or other confirmation of the purchase and sale of the goods from this seller shall be attached to the request.

4. If the buyer does not submit a copy of the order or other duly issued document confirming the purchase-sale of the goods from this seller, the goods are replaced or other requirements specified in paragraph 1 of these rules specified by the buyer only with the seller's consent.

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